Overbrook Education Center – Mechanical Interior Renovations

Overbrook Education Center – Mechanical Interior Renovations

NAME OF PROJECT: Overbrook Education Center

PROJECT LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The scope of this project included the demolition of existing pipe and equipment and then the installation of new HVAC equipment to the school at 6722 Lansdale Avenue, Philadelphia. GEM supplied and installed the following equipment:

Make‐up Air Handling units, Unit ventilators and Controls, Chemical water treatment, Motors and drives, Thermometers and gauges, Hydronic piping and valves, Duct insulation, Pipe insulation, and Diffusers, Registers and Grilles.

In addition GEM reinstalled Kitchen equipment (kitchen hood and sink), a fire suppression systems, a gas fired stove and drain piping. GEM cleaned the air duct system and removed and replaced existing damaged insulation.

PROJECT OWNER: The School District of Philadelphia

ARCHITECT/ENGINEER: Princeton Engineering Services