West Chester University – GRAHAM NATATORIUM

West Chester University  – GRAHAM NATATORIUM

 “GEM Mechanical has been very diligent throughout this Project” 

Lisa Whitmeyer, Wallover Architects

This fast paced construction project commenced July 2014. Work consisted of draining the 800,000 gallon pool, removal and replacement of the existing diatomaceous earth swimming pool filtration and carbon steel recirculation system, removing and replacing the concrete gutter system with a stainless steel system, and the installation of other miscellaneous equipment.  The Universities logo was installed in tile work in the center of the two swimming pools.

After the pool was drained, the first step was to remove via cutting out over 500 linear feet of a reinforced concrete gutter around the perimeter of the pools.  This was done for the installation of a new welded-in-place stainless steel gutter system. Next, the pool floor was prepared for tile repairs throughout the lap and competition pools along with new pool perimeter tile and logo work.  A new state of the art pressure regenerative filtration system was installed including a second surge tank in the mechanical space below the pool.  Other equipment installed included recirculation pumps, a UV system and all interconnecting piping.   The pool was ready for the 2014-2015 season in September 2014.


 “I just wanted to let you know that the overall workmanship in the mechanical room and pool is simply outstanding!  GEM is doing a wonderful job on your Project.  I have no doubt the pool will be a big hit when the kids are back in the water!”… 

Edwin Wallover III, Wallover Architects